OPTICON FP7-2 Board meeting #1

Venue: IAA/CSIC Granada, Spain

Date: 29-30 October 2014

Board Chair: Roland Gredel


Meeting Programme and Links
  Day One - 29 October 2014  
Time Title Name
09.20 WP8: FP7-1 & FP7-2 Project Management Report + 2014 Mid-year progress report [PDF] Gerry Gilmore + John Davies
09.50 WP1: Towards Adaptive Optics for the E-ELT [PDF] Jean-Luc Beuzit
10.30 WP2: Fast detectors and Cameras [PDF] Philippe Feautrier
11.40 WP3: Astrophotonics [PDF] Roger Haynes
12.20 WP4: Image reconstruction in Optical Interferometry [PDF] Eric ThiƩbaut
14.20 WP5: Development of Active Freeform Mirrors [PDF] Lars Venema
15:00 WP6: New Materials [PDF] Filippo Zerbi
15.40 WP7: Transnational Access + WP12: TDF [PDF]

TNA Update [PDF] + TDF Plans [PDF]

John Davies
16.50 WP9: Innovation [PDF] Colin Cunningham
17.20 WP10: E-ELT & HTRA Network [PDF] Andy Shearer/Isobel Hook
  Day Two - 30 October 2014  
Time Title  
09.30 WP11: Time-Domain Astrophysics [PDF] Lukasz Wyrzykowski/Iain Steele
10.00 WP13: Community Development Network [PDF] Michel Dennefeld
10.30 WP14: European Interferometry Initiative [PDF] Paulo Garcia
11.30 OPTICON in H2020 [PDF] Wilfried Boland
13.10 Board decisions  
14:30 End of Day Two