Europe's medium telescopes: status and prospects

Presentations from JENAM 2009 - 20th April 2009

Click here for the ZIP file of all the presentations in PDF format (with naming convention presenter.pdf e.g. 'davies.pdf')

Name Presentation
John Davies The OPTICON Trans-National Access Programme (PPT)
Johannes Andersen Nationally Operated 2-4m Telescopes: an Obsolete Paradigm?
Chris Benn, Don Abrams, Ian Skillen ING, La Palma - 2020 Vision (PPT)
Michael F. Sterzik The New La Silla Operations Paradigm (PDF)
João Alves & David Galadí Calar Alto 2.0 (PPT)
Michel Dennefeld Medium-sized telescopes and Training of Young Researchers (PPT)
Matthew Colless AAO Wide-Field Spectroscopy Facilities (PDF)
Gary Davis UKIRT: Current Status and Future Plans (PPT)
Christian Veillet Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope Status and Prospects (PPT)
Michel Boer, Francois Bouchy Recent Results and Future Improvements of OHP 193-cm Telescope with SOPHIE (PPT)
Tanyu Bonev The 2m Telescope of the National Astronomical Observatory Rozhen: Status and Prospects (PPT)
Iain Steele Robotic Telescopes: The Liverpool Telescope Experience (PPT)
David Buscher The Magdalena Ridge Observatory Interferometer (MROI): First Light and Beyond (PDF)