Minutes and Presentations from the OPTICON Executive Committee Meeting (Sept '05) and Board Meeting (Oct '05 )

The minutes and presentations are available as PDF files:


Minutes of Executive Committe Meeting (20 September '05, Leiden)

Minutes of Board Meeting (27 - 28 October '05, Rome)

Reports and Presentations

Towards the EC FP7 and its support to Research Infrastructures (P Moschopoulos)

Review of Access Office - (W Boland, M Dennefeld, B Gelly and R Gredel)

JRA1 presentation - (N Hubin)

JRA1 report - (N Hubin and J Strasser)

JRA2 presentation - (P Feautrier)

JRA2 report - (P Feautrier)

Papers from the JRA2 Scientific Detector Worshop 2005, Taormina, June 2005:

JRA4 status report - (A Chelli)

JRA5 report - (C Norrie)

JRA5 presentation - (C Cunningham)

JRA6 report - (F Zerbi)

JRA6 VPHGs and Related Subjects - PPT file (F Zerbi)

Network Activities Overview - (J Davies)

Access Office Report 26 July 2005 - PPT file (J Burgos)

Coordinator's Report - (G Gilmore)

RadioNet Astronomy Programmes Coordination Proposal - (A Gunn)

Minutes from the 3rd I3 Forum Meeting