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OPTICON Handouts

OPTICON had a stand at the FP6 launch conference. It was staffed by John Davies and Karen Disney.

If you want to download the handouts gave away at the meeting, please do so from here.

We have two large posters, produced by some company in Belgium using material we supplied to them. Get poster 1 and poster 2.

There are also a number of rather more detailed handouts.

  • OPTICON Overview
  • The NEON observing schools
  • Training the next generation of observational astronomers.
  • The Astrophysical Virtual Observatory
  • Mining the world's astronomical archives.
  • Interoperability Helping set common standards.
  • Operation of Medium-sized  Telescopes
  • European Excellence Fellowships
  • Technology Development
  • Extremely Large Telescopes
  • Common Software
  • The EU has produced a glossy brochure about OPTICON. They are free.

    If you want a copy please email Karen Disney the OPTICON secretary and ask her to post you one.


    John Keith Davies
    Astronomy Technology Centre Blackford Hill Edinburgh
    tel: 0131 668 8348/ fax: 0131 668 8407


    Last update, 17 February 2003