OPTICON Technology Development Working Group

Development of the technologies needed for future instruments and telescopes, such as Adaptive Optics systems and the associated high-power lasers, or new classes of detectors, perhaps STJ superconducting tunnel junction detector arrays, is a manifest common need. Substantial financial support from the EU and through bilateral industrial programs is potentially available. Establishment of an OPTICON working group to consider these issues has been initiated by Prof Rafael Rebolo. The kickoff meeting will be held at the IAC in La Laguna on 25 Febraury 2001. Potential participants are encouraged to contact Rafael Rebolo,rrl@ll.iac.es, John Davies,j.davies@roe.ac.uk or Gerry Gilmore.gil@ast.cam.ac.uk

This meeting was highly sucessfull and four sub-groups were charged with investigating some of the issues further and reporting back. You can read the minutes of this meeting as a MS word documentor here as text.

After the meeting the Smart Optics (which includes adaptive optics and coronography) and Interferometry sub-groups decided to have a combined meetig in Paris on April 10th and you can find an overview of the meeting and the presentations that were given at the meeting by following this link.

Two days later, on April 12th, there was a meeting of the Innovative Optical Components sub-group at the Astronomy technology Centre in Edinburgh.

John Keith Davies
Astronomy Technology Centre, Blackford Hill, Edinburgh, EH9 3HJ.
tel: 0131 668 8348/ fax: 0131 668 8407

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Last update, 11 March 2002