Accessibility Statement

This is the accessibility statement for the OPTICON FP7 site.

Skip Navigation Link

The OPTICON FP7 pages have a "Skip Navigation Link" defined at the top of every page. This link allows a site visitor the option of bypassing the navigational links at the beginning of the page and accessing the content directly.

Access Keys

All OPTICON FP7 pages define some keys that allow you to jump to certain links by pressing an access key combination from within your browser. The following access keys are defined:

Windows users using Internet Explorer should use the Alt key plus the Access key to select the link and return to activate it. Firefox requires the use of both the Alt and Shift keys plus the access key to active the link.

If you find problems with keys conflicting with any assistive software that you may be using then please feel free to contact us.


This site has been designed to conform to W3C standards and makes use of CSS style sheets for visual layout. The use of structured semantic mark up will allow the page to degrade gracefully should your browser not support Cascading Style Sheets.


The design of the site uses a fluid, tableless layout that should expand and contract to suit your browser settings.

Font Size

The fonts sizes specified are in relative units allowing you to change them through the use of your browser settings.


All links should be written to make sense out of context.


All images on the site should make use of the descriptive alt attribute.

CSS Signature

The OPTICON FP7 site uses a site signature (#www-astro-opticon-org) that allows you to customise the appearance of the site. You can read more about setting up a custom style sheet in internet explorer from the following link:

Setting up a custom style sheet in Internet Explorer

When creating the custom style sheet if you specify the CSS signature as the ID for the element you want to change, the changes will apply to this site only rather than all sites. An example custom style sheet is available from the following link:

Example Custom Style Sheet [CSS/4.00 KB]


While we have striven to ensure that you can access this site without any problems we realise that things can always be improved. Please feel free to contact us if you have any accessibility issues you want to discuss.

Jason Cowan (Media and Web Services)