Outreach and Downloads

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OPTICON FP7 and EU logos

Logos of different sizes and types available for download here for reproduction in all OPTICON documents.

EU Proposals and Contracts

OPTICON FP7 Phase Two (2013-2016) contract "Annex 1 - Description of Work" Part A and Part B (PDF files)

OPTICON FP7 Proposal for Phase Two of the programme can be downloaded here (PDF file)

OPTICON FP7 (Part I) contract "Annex I - Description of Work" (PDF file).

Useful EC Publications

EC advice on communications strategy and principles: the Guide can be found here (PDF file)

Website Templates

The ZIP file with the OPTICON FP7 website template and associated files for you to use as a basis for your activity's web pages (should you so choose) is available here (ZIP file).

The template includes enhanced accessibility: see the menu on the left for our Accessibility Statement. Our Webmaster's email address is included within the statement should you need to contact him directly with any questions.

Press Releases and Articles

OPTICON TNA programme
European Union

FP7-II 2013-2016 WP Publications

WP3 Photonics

WP9 Innovation

The presentations from the SPIE Workshop on Knowledge Exchange, June 2016, are available to download as a zip file

The presentations from the Additive Manufacturing Workshop, Braid Hills Hotel Edinburgh, January 2016, are available for download here.

The notes from the Photonics for Planets Workshop, Convitto della Calza, Florence 6-7 November 2014 are available here (MS Word). The presentations are available for download here (ZIP file).

The presentations from the February 2013 Delft High-performance Deformable Mirrors for Astronomy Workshop are available here (ZIP file).

The minutes of the Steering Committe Meeting, Edinburgh, September 2013, are available here (PDF).

FP7 2009-2012 WP Publications

WP9 Key Technologies Roadmap: The 2010 roadmap (published in the proceedings of the SPIE).

WP2 AO Detectors: "CMOS Imager for AO with highly parallel readout" (Paper presented at SPIE Amsterdam July 2012)

"Mid-Infrared Volume Phase Gratings Manufactured using Ultrafast Laser Inscription" (PDF): A paper produced in 2013 by the Scottish Universities Physics Alliance (SUPA) and the Science and Technology Facilities Council, UK Astronomy Technology Centre with support from STFC and OPTICON (EU-FP7 226604)


Research Infrastructure brochure published by I3NET


The ASTRONET Infrastructures Roadmap

The European Telescope Strategy Review Committee (ETSRC) Report: v1 of the ETSRC report submitted to the Astronet Executive in March 2010.