FP7-II Meetings and Events


Please refer to the table below for FP7-II Meetings and Events. If there is an event you wish to include, please contact Saskia Brierley or John Davies.

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Meetings & Workshops
Dates Activity Information/Agenda/Minutes
29 June 2016 WP9 Knowledge Exchange between Industry and Astronomy, SPIE, Edinburgh Contact: Colin Cunningham/Phil Rees

See link to presentations here (ZIP file)

28-29 January 2016 WP1 Progress Meeting at Paris Observatory Contact: J-L Beuzit
21-22 January 2016 WP9 Workshop on additive manufacturing applications in astronomy, Edinburgh, UK

This is an FP7 funded networking event aimed at bringing together a consortium for a H2020 project. Contact: Phil Rees

Presentations from the Workshop are available here (also linked from the Downloads page)


10-13 November 2015 Gaia Science Alerts Workshop 2015, Liverpool

Contact: gaiasciencealertsworkhop2015@gmail.com

See website for details

8-20 October 2015 First Announcement: STEEL PhD School on Science and Technology with the E-ELT: Erice

STEEL International PhD School on Science and Technology with the E-ELT, organized by OPTICON, ESO and INAF-OAR, which will be held at the Ettore Majorana Foundation in Erice, Sicily from October 8 to 20, 2015.
Further details about the school, the registration form, and the first announcement can be found at the following address:


7-9 October Integrated Modeling of Complex Optomechanical Systems II (IMCOS 2015), OAB, Milan Organising Committee
Astronomical Observatory of Brera (Milan)
25 September 2015 WP6 Meeting IAC, Tenerife
21-25 September Summer School in Astrophotonics and Adaptive Optics, Durham, UK See Poster (JPG) and Website.
6-13 September 2015 VLTI School | WP14 European Interferometry Initiative See website
1-11 September 2015 Awareness conference on Optical-IR instrumentation, Brno, Czech Republic See Poster and website.
26 June 2015 Science Council Meeting | WP14 European Interferometry Initiative See website (at EWASS meeting)
21-26 June 2015 EWASS 2015. Tenerife. See website
25 June 2015 WP13 board meeting, at EWASS meeting, Tenerife. Contact Michel Dennefeld
25 June 2015 VLTI Community Day 2015 | WP14 European Interferometry Initiative See website (at EWASS meeting)
11 June 2015 Executive meeting, Leiden, NL Invitation only
27 - 28 May 2015 Meeting on AO Post processing, Marseilles Contact Thierry Fusco
21 April 2015 Common TAC meeting, LSW, Heidelberg, Germany By invitation only. Contact John Davies.
19-20 March 2015 WP1 general meeting, Porto, Portugal Contact:
17 or 18 March 2015 (TBD) Project Mid Term Review, Brussels By invitation only. Contact Gerry Gilmore.


6-7 November 2014 WP9 Workshop on Photonics methods for planet finding, Florence, Italy

See website. Contact Phil Rees.

The minutes and presentations from from the meeting are available on our Downloads page.

29-30 October 2014 OPTICON FP7-II Board Meeting, Grenada, Spain Contact Gudrun Pebody. Minutes of the Board Meeting are here (PDF). Please see the Board Meeting web page for more information and links to the presentations.
21 October 2014 Common TAC Meeting, Milan, Italy Closed meeting. Contact John Davies.
25-30 September 2014 WP13 Awareness Conference , Sofia, Bulgaria Contact Michel Dennefeld.
17-24 September 2014 WP13 NEON School, Rhozen, Bulgaria See website. Contact Michel Dennefeld.
15-17 September 2014 WP9 Conference on atmospheric turbulence profiling, Durham, UK See website. Contact Phil Rees.
9-12 September 2014 Fifth GAIA Science Alerts Workshop, University of Warsaw

Details of the Workshop: http://www.astrouw.edu.pl/gaiaworkshop2014/.

See the presentations in video and the slides here.

2-3 September 2014 WP5 progress meeting. ASTRON, Dwingeloo, Netherlands Contact Lars Venema
13-16 May 2014 Workshop: "Speed and Sensitivity, Expanding Astronomical Horizons with ELTs", NUI, Galway See conference website. Contact Andy Shearer.
25-26 March 2014 Workshop: Adaptive Optics Tomography, UK Astronomy Technology Centre, Edinburgh, Scotland See the list of presentations on the Programme page of the conference website.
13-14 January 2014 EII WP14 Joint organization of the "VLTI Community days", Grenoble, France Information/Agenda/Minutes: see web page


FP7-2 meetings from 1/1/2013 onwards

22 November 2013 OPTICON Executive Meeting #1, Palermo, Sicily

Contact Gudrun Pebody/Gerry Gilmore.

Minutes of Meeting (PDF file)

OPTICON FP7-2 Year 1 Progress Report (PDF file)

TDF Plans (PDF file)

24-28 September 2013 Awareness Conference "Hot topics in Astrophysics"
Bucharest, Romania



25 September 2013 Public lecture on E-ELT, Bucharest Science Festival, Romania Lecture by M Dennefeld - see website for details
23-24 September 2013 WP9 Innovation Meeting, UK Astrononomy Technology Centre, Royal Observatory, Edinburgh Contact

Steering Group minutes

9-21 September 2013 EII WP14 school "The 2013 VLTI school", Barcelonnette, France Information/Agenda/Minutes: see web page
27 August 2013 OPTICON WP3 Astrophotonics Meeting, Edinburgh Meeting 10am - 4pm at Heriot Watt University. Contact Roger Haynes at AIP Potsdam.
13 July 2013 ASTRONET Science Vision and Roadmap update symposium, Turku, Finland



10-11 July 2013 EII WP14 Workshop, Turku, Finland

Science with present and future interferometric instruments (EWASS 2013)

Information/Agenda/Minutes: http://www.ss7.ulg.ac.be/

10-11 July 2013 EII WP14 Science Council Meeting, Logomo Centre in Turku, Finland

For details please contact

10 July 2013 WP13 Board meeting, Turku, Finland
Meeting will take place during the EAS-EWASS 2013, following the EAS General Assembly
19 - 21 June 2013 4th Gaia Science Alerts Workshop and WP11 Kick-off meeting, IAP, Paris Contact WP leader: . Details: Gaia Science Alerts workshop
6-7 June 2013 ERF Workshop , "Technology Transfer and Industrial Relations in Research Infrastructures", Trieste, Italy

Not an OPTICON meeting however the aim of this European Research Facility Association (ERF) workshop is to provide participants with cross-experience regarding Technology Transfer management in European national research facilities.


11th April 2013 WP10.2 HTRA kick-off meeting, London Contact:
26-27 March 2013 WP5 Active Freeform Mirrors kick-off meeting, Budapest

Contact: WP5 leader Lars Venema (ASTRON)

WP meeting photograph taken at Konkoly Observatory


21 March 2013 FP7-2 WP3 Astrophotonics kick-off meeting, Edinburgh

OPTICON Astrophotonics Kick off meeting at Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh.

Contact: WP3 leader Roger Haynes (AIP)

27 Feb - 7 March 2013 Winter School on Very High Time and Space Resolution Astrophysics, Asiago Astrophysical Observatory, Italy Contact: Professor Cesare Barbieri (web site:
21- 22nd Feb 2013 OPTICON Workshop on Deformable Mirrors for astronomy, Delft, Netherlands


at the UK Astronomy Technology Centre, Edinburgh

The minutes of the Workshop can be found here (.doc). The presentations are linked to our Outreach & Downloads page where they can be downloaded as a ZIP file.

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