OPTICON FP7 Phase I (2009-2012) Meetings and Events


Please refer to the table below for FP7 Meetings and Events under the FP7 Part I Contract.

Meetings & Workshops
Dates Activity Information/Agenda/Minutes


18 December 2012 WP2 wrap-up meeting Contact: Philippe Feautrier
22-23 October 2012 WP5 Smart Instrument Technologies, Marseille Contact C Cunningham
15-16 October 2012 OPTICON Board Meeting #4, Villa Vigoni, Italy

Contact G Gilmore.

OPTICON Submission on EC Consultation on possible topics for future activities (PDF file)

Meeting presentations (ZIP file of PDFs)

WP2 movies

WP6 movies

Paper on Innovative Technologies for Optical and Infrared Astronomy (PDF file)

Board Meeting Minutes (PDF file)

TDF strategy report (PDF file)

1-2 October 2012 WP12.1 TDF, Madrid Contact J Davies
24 - 28 September 2012 WP3 Astrophotonics summer school, Schloss Wiesenburg, Wiesenburg, Brandenburg, Germany Summer School in Astrophotonics
Links to the Summer School presentations are now available from this website.


4 July 2012 (a.m.) WP6 meeting. SPIE Meeting, Amsterdam Contact: Filippo Maria Zerbi
4 July p.m. - 5 July a.m. 2012 WP 11.2 European Interferometry Initiative Meeting at SPIE, Amsterdam

Contact Paulo J. V. Garcia. Cell: (+351) 96.323.57.85, fax: (+351) 22.508.14.43


Some public discussion at the SPIE interferometry meeting will also take place in the afternoon of 5th July: SPIE website.

1-6 July 2012 WP10.1 "Special Session" on the E-ELT at EWASS, Rome, Italy Ewass 2012 website
23 April 12 WP10.2 HTRA Network meeting, Zielona Gora, Poland Meeting will be held before the Electromagnetic Radiation from Pulsars and Magnetars meeting [http://j1951.ia.uz.zgora.pl/]. Contact Andy Shearer.
20 April 12 OPTICON CTAC meeting, Copenhagen Closed meeting. Contact John Davies.
17-18 April 2012 WP9.1 Key Technologies meeting, Marseille 2-day meeting on Disruptive Technologies. Website coming soon. Contact Chris Evans.
12-13 March 2012 WP-1 Progress meeting, Lyon, France Venue: ENSL, which is located in the center of the city. Contact: Elise Vernet


Nov 2011 WP12.3 ATST-EAST Workshop “Magnetic Fields from the Photosphere to the Corona”, Washington D.C. Contact W Schmidt
29 Nov - 1 Dec 2011 Polarimetry with Extremely Large Telescopes Workshop, Utrecht, The Netherlands http://www.astro.uu.nl/ELT_Pol/ELT_Pol/Home.html
19 October 2011 OPTICON EC Mid-Term Review, Brussels Contact S Holland
10 - 15 October 2011 WP10.2 (HTRA), Autumn School in Pula, Sardinia, Italy Autumn School "Principles of Multi-wavelength High Time Resolution Astrophysics". Further details on the School program, registration, accommodation booking, and travel logistics are provided on the school web page
(www.htra.ie) currently under construction
5-6 September 2011 OPTICON Board & Executive Committee Meetings, Rome

Board Meeting Agenda (PDF file)

European Commission Presentation (ZIP file)

Activity WP Presentations (ZIP file)

OCAM2 movie(WMV file)

29 August – 2 September 2011 ELT Science Workshop, Ischia, Italy http://eso.org/sci/meetings/2011/feedgiant.html
14-27 July 2011 9th NEON School @ Moletai Observatory Contact M Dennefeld
4-8 July 2011 JENAM 2011, St Petersburg http://jenam2011.org/conf/
20-23 June 2011 WP11 Instrumental Workshop, Potsdam Contact M Dennefeld
20-21 June 2011 WP9.2(FASE-II) Final Face-to-face meeting, ESO Garching. Contact Preben Gosbol
14 June 2011 National TAC Chairs Meeting, Paris Closed meeting. Contact John Davies
6/7 June 2011 WP1 Progress Meeting 4, London Contact Josef Strasser
30-31 May 2011 OPTICON/FP7 WP3 Astrophotonics Progress Meeting 3, Potsdam, DE Private web http://star-www.dur.ac.uk/~jra/Astrophotonica. Contact J Allington-Smith
24 May 2011 WP4 Progress Meeting, Paris Contact Denis Mourard
10 May 2011 WP10.2 Network Meeting, Rome Contact A Shearer
3 May 2011 WP5 Progress Meeting, Edinburgh Contact Colin Cunningham
May 2011 WP12.3 EAST General Assembly meeting, Freiburg, DE Contact Wolfgang Schmidt
27 April 2011 FP8 Planning meeting, Amsterdam By invitation, contact Suzanne Holland
18 April 2011 Common TAC meeting, Amsterdam Closed meeting
28 March 2011 WP2 Progress Meeting, Munich Contact Philippe Feautrier


5 November 2010 WP5 Progress Meeting, Marseille Contact Mel Strachan
5 November 2010 Common TAC meeting, Amsterdam Contact John Davies
19-22 October 2010 Big Science with Small Telescopes, Liepzig http://www.tls-tautenburg.de/tls50/tls50.php
14 October 2010 WP5 Progress Meeting, Marseille Contact Mel Strachan
7-8 October 2010 WP1 AO Systems Progress Meeting 3, Freiburg Contact N Hubin
6-7 October 2010 JRA-1 Meeting, Frieburg, Germany Contact Elise Vernet
4-7 October 2010 WP12.3 EAST Workshop "Science with Synoptic Solar Telescopes", Tatranska Lomnica, Slovakia Contact W Schmidt
20 September 2010 OPTICON Executive Meeting #2, IAP, Paris Contact S Holland
9 September 2010 OPTICON WP12.1 TDF @ JENAM, Lisbon Contact J Andersen/J Davies. Minutes are available here (PDF file)
7 September 2010 WP11 Board Meeting @ JENAM, Lisbon Contact M Dennefeld
6 September 2010 WP11 Awareness Conference @ JENAM, Lisbon Contact M Dennefeld
30 Aug - 1 Sept 2010 Northstar Workshop, ASTRON, NL  
1 July 2010 OPTICON/FP7 WP3 Astrophotonics Progress Meeting 2, SPIE, San Diego Private web http://star-www.dur.ac.uk/~jra/Astrophotonica. Contact J Allington-Smith
16-27 June 2010 NEON School at Calar Alto Contact M Dennefeld
21 May 2010 OPTICON FP7 Executive Meeting #1, Malta Contact Suzanne Holland
21 May 2010 OPTICON FP7 Board Meeting #1, Malta Contact Suzanne Holland
10 -14 May 2010 Astronomy with Megastructures: Joint science with the E-ELT and SKA, Crete 1st Announcement (PDF)
6 May 2010 WP10.2 Network Meeting, Crete Contact A Shearer
5 - 10 May 2010 HTRA Workshop, Crete See Website
20-22 April 2010 OPTICON/FP7 WP3 Astrophotonics Progress Meeting 1, Potsdam, Germany Private web http://star-www.dur.ac.uk/~jra/Astrophotonica. Contact J Allington-Smith
8-9 April 2010 E-ELT Science Working Group meeting, Garching, Germany Contact I Hook. Website
1 April 2010 WP5 Smart Instrument Technologies, Neuchatel Contact M Strachan
1 March 2010 WP10.2 MSSL Network Meeting Contact A Shearer
Feb 2010 WP12.3 EAST General Assembly meeting, Madrid Contact Wolfgang Schmidt
14 - 15 January 2010 WP1 AO Systems General Meeting, Arcetri, Florence Current agenda is as for 9 July 09 meeting. Contact N Hubin
13-15 January 2010 ELT science workshop III - "Towards first light", London UK Project Pages

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