OPTICON FP7 (2009-2012) WP12 - Medium Sized Telescope Integration

Please note this page is for historical reference only as OPTICON FP7 (2009-2012) is complete.

This WP has multiple objectives relating to the development of night time and day time (solar) astronomy. These include:

WP12.1 - Telescope Directors' Forum

WP leader: Johannes Andersen

A forum of Directors of all the major European medium sized telescopes (night time and solar) will meet to develop actions of common interest to medium sized telescopes, both those in the Trans national Access network, and those currently of lesser international competitiveness. It will work closely with the activities on training and integrating new communities (WP11) some of which will use facilities in the telescope network. The forum’s objectives will be to achieve further bi-or multilateral co-operation inside and outside the OPTICON programme with regards to such things as observing time exchanges, sharing of software, access to expensive but seldom used facilities such as coating plants, and exchange of experience on major but infrequent system upgrades, such as control systems and instrument electronics. It will provide oversight of the transnational access programme and commission groups, including representatives of telescopes not in the network, to investigate how best to enhance the programme to further benefit the whole community including a common observing time allocation process.