OPTICON FP7 (2009-2012) WP12 - Enhancing the Community: Optimising Science Access

Please note this page is for historical reference only as OPTICON FP7 (2009-2012) is complete.

This WP has multiple objectives relating to the development of night time and day time (solar) astronomy. These include:

WP12.2 - Planning for a viable future

Planning for a viable future. European astronomy, through the ERANET AstroNet, is creating a strategic plan for the future development of astronomy facilities. This includes proposing a reorganisation of our current mid-sized facilities to improve efficiency and cost effectiveness, to identify, develop, and implement complementary approaches to delivery of the resources to satisfy the increasing needs of the widening European astronomical research community OPTICON and AstroNet are collaborating in this process, and will establish a joint review.