Optical Infrared Coordination Network for Astronomy

Horizon 2020

JRA1 - Calibration and Test Tools for Adaptive-Optics E-ELT Instruments


This work package concerns the European Extremely Large Telescope Research infrastructure (E-ELT). It consists in establishing common strategies and proposing joint developments to optimize the calibration and verification procedures of the complex, beyond the start of the art, and extremely challenging adaptive optics (AO) systems being developed for the E-ELT. The presence of adaptive components in the telescope itself (a 2.5-m M4 adaptive mirror with more than 5000 actuators and a 2.4-m fast tip-tilt M5 mirror) is a brand new challenge that every AO assisted E-ELT instrument will have to face. The spread of key components between the telescope and the instruments themselves open new classes of problems and these questions will lead to new solutions both concerning system calibration and final instrument integration tests and verification procedures.


Jean-Luc Bezoit (CNRS) -