Optical Infrared Coordination Network for Astronomy

Horizon 2020

NA3 - Enhancing Community Skills, Integrating Communities

Astronomers at LaSillaThis Network will facilitate the assembly of expertise and transmission of skills for an efficient European use of future flagship astronomical facilities. This will be realised by training of young researchers, enhancing key skills of already established but isolated astronomers, and developing the user community in the whole of Europe. The key elements in this Network include:

  1. Early career training of young researchers in optical and infra-red observing techniques and data reduction procedures.
  2. Advancing the knowledge of astronomical instrumentation of astronomers at all career stages, and concentrating on observing techniques that are crucial for the up-coming state-of-the-art astronomical infrastructures.
  3. Enabling equal participation of all EU member states in the new large scale facilities, by integration of new, or less favoured European communities.

Astronomers at RohzenThe core task of educating the next generation of European observational astronomers means that this Network heavily builds on the experience gathered during the previous OPTICON grants.

Here we incorporate the key-features which have proven successful over the years, with new innovative elements in demand for the upcoming facilities.


Copenhagen OPTICON schools

ESO Messenger Reports

ESO–NEON Observing School at La Silla Observatory [ESO/PDF]

ESO/OPTICON "Instrumentation School on Use and Data Reduction of X-shooter and KMOS" [ESO/PDF]

ESO/OPTICON/IAU Summer School "Modern Instruments, their Science Case, and Practical Data Reduction" [ESO/PDF]


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