Optical Infrared Coordination Network for Astronomy

Horizon 2020

OPTICON H2020 - Workpackage List

List of OPTICON Workpackages and Activity Leaders

OPTICON H2020 Joint Research Activities Work Package List
Activity Title WP Leader / Contact
WP1 JRA1 - Calibration and Test Tools for Adaptive-Optics E-ELT Instruments Jean-Luc Bezoit (CNRS) -
WP2 JRA2 - Fast Detectors and Cameras for Laser Guide Stars Philippe Feautrier (CNRS) -
WP3 JRA3 - Emerging Fast Detectors Andy Shearer (NUIG) -
WP4 JRA4 - Unlocking The Potential of Freeform Optics for Astronomical Instrumentation Michiel Rodenhuis (NOVA) -
WP5 JRA5 - Additive Astronomy Integrated-component Manufacturing (A2IM) Hermine Schnetler (STFC) -
WP6 Astrophotonics Roger Haynes (AIP) -
WP7 Innovative Photosensitive Materials for Diffractive and Reflective Optical Elements Andrea Bianco -
WP8 JRA8 - Next Generation Instrument Concepts for VLT Interferometry Jörg-Uwe Pott (MPIA) -
OPTICON H2020 Networking Activities Work Package List
Activity Title WP Leader / Contact
WP9 Management Gerry Gilmore (UCAM) -
WP10 NA1 - Adaptive Optics Networking James Osborn -
WP11 NA2 - VLTI Expertise Centres Network Paulo Garcia (UPORTO) -
WP12 NA3 - Enhancing Community Skills, Integrating Communities Heidi Korhonen (Copenhagen) -
WP13 NA4 - Time Domain Astronomy Lukasz Wyrzykowski (UNIWARSAW) -
WP14 NA5 - Technology & Innovation Network Ruben Sanchez-Jannsen (STFC) -
WP15 NA6 - Strategic Planning Gerry Gilmore (UCAM) -
OPTICON H2020 Transnational Access Work Package List
Activity Title WP Leader / Contact
WP16 Trans-National Access John K. Davies (STFC) -