Fast Optical Detectors for AO

The participants will attempt to define, fabricate and fully characterize the best possible detector working at visible wavelengths suitable for wavefront sensors for Adaptive Optics (AO) systems. This Joint Research Activity is closely linked to the JRA1- Adaptive Optics. The JRA1 coordinator will participate in the WP2 (science group activities) of this JRA. This ensures that this detector development follows the AO requirements in terms of wavefront sensing detectors. Visible detectors fully matching the requirements for AO wavefront sensor do not yet exist: the current detectors have frame rates which are too slow and they are too noisy for the second generation of AO systems. The visible detectors developed in this JRA2 will be dedicated to 10m class telescopes. The scalability of these detectors for the ELT's systems will be taken into account.

The Chair of the JRA2: Fast Optical Detectors for AO Joint Research Activity is P Feautrier (LAOG): Philippe.Feautrier @

Please select the link below for the JRA2 homepage. Please note, this site is for OPTICON internal use and is password protected. To gain access please contact the JRA2 leader, Phillipe Feautrier at the email address supplied.

For a PDF file copy of P Feautrier's presentation of this Research Activity to the OPTICON I3 Board meeting in Ghent 1 - 2 April 2004, click here:

JRA2: Fast Optical Detectors for AO

See paper below presented at SPIE 2008, Marseilles, for details of the progress achieved by this JRA:

The L3Vision CCD220 with its OCam test camera for AO applications in Europe (Authors: P Feautrier et al)