Volume Phase Holographic Gratings (VPHG)

Most of Europe’s large telescopes are equipped with low-to-mid resolution imaging spectrographs in the optical and NIR (1-5 microns) wavelength domain. The major source of light loss in these instruments is the dispersing elements, generally grisms. While in principle VPHGs can be designed to provide much improved performance, their behaviour needs to be fully tested so their properties can be optimised for the next generation of instruments. The participants will evaluate, develop and prototype VPHGs for astronomical instrumentation. The activity will bring knowledge of the relevant materials and processes to an industrial level, so that it can be of interest for European industry.

The Chair of the VPHG Joint Research Activity is F Zerbi (INAF-Brera): zerbi @ merate.mi.astro.it

Please select the link for the JRA6 homepage: http://golem.merate.mi.astro.it/projects/jra6/