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Meetings & Workshops
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28 October 2009 OPTICON WP12.1 Telescope Directors Forum, Copenhagen Minutes (PDF)
1-3 September 2009 AstroPhotonica Europa FP7 Kickoff workshop (FP7 WP3), Durham University Contact Jeremy Allington-Smith
25 August 2009 WP5 Smart Instrument Technologies, ASTRON, NL Preliminary Agenda. Contact Lars Venema and for hotel bookings: Renate van Dalen or Patricia Breman
9 July 09 WP1 AO Systems Progress Meeting, Garching Meeting Agenda. Contact N Hubin
26 - 28 May 2009 European ELT : Workshop on the Design Reference Mission and Science Plan, ESO, Garching First Announcement
19 - 24 April 09 JENAM 2009, University of Hertfordshire, UK

JENAM website

OPTICON will present an overview of its FP6 achievements and its plans for FP7. Contact John Davies. See presentations (PPT and PDF format) here.

21 April 09 Telescope Directors Forum at JENAM 2009, Herfordshire Contact John Davies
19 - 20 February 09 Neon/OPTICON, ESO-Garching Preliminary Agenda and Contacts