OPTICON FP7 (2009-2012) WP10.2 - European Network for High Time Resolution Astrophysics

Please note this page is for historical reference only as OPTICON FP7 (2009-2012) is complete.

WP leader: Andrew Shearer

This WP will develop science cases and concepts for telescope and instrument design for the E-ELT in a specific area In particular, it will concentrate on the science foundations of HTRA, and include the implications of E-ELT, detectors and the data aspects of HTRA. The latter will include data storage, streaming, curation and HTRA aspects of virtual observatories. The science foundations will include theoretical and observational analysis of various astronomical targets as well as the underlying fundamental physics of the radiation field at very short time scales, such as quantum correlation effects. The instrumentation work will include issues relating to controller electronics for existing and future fast read-out detector systems.

Visit the WP10.2 website here (link coming soon).