OPTICON FP7 (2009-2012) WP9 - Europe of the Future: Technologies

Please note this page is for historical reference only as OPTICON FP7 (2009-2012) is complete.

WP9.2 - Software Standards

WP leader: Preben Grosbol

This WP will develop detailed software standards for an open, modular system for processing and analysis of astronomical data by end users. The work described will be shared on equal terms between a North American project lead by the US Virtual Observatory project NVO, and the OPTICON effort described for this Network. An executive committee composed of senior members of the OPTICON and NVO projects will jointly plan and coordinate development across the two groups. The developments of the software standards will be based on the work of the OPTICON FP6 Network 3.6 on 'Future Astronomical Software Environments' which defined high-level requirements, provided an architectural concept and outlined interface standards to be specified.