Synergy in space-ground coordination

OPTICON will develop options for consideration by Europe’s international agencies, especially the EU, to help improve European scientific competitiveness in exploiting scientific data from space satellite observatories. For example:

  • European Space-Ground Support: The participants will organise meetings
  • to discuss strategic developments in astronomy relevant to support mechanisms. They will also hold smaller meetings to quantify specific cases and models, specifically to support a European Elite Fellowship Programme. They will maintain an evolving document and database of fellowship programmes, including a regularly updated report.

  • Possible EU support mechanisms: The participants will formulate and
  • operate a specific plan, plan road mapping exercise and meetings to identify possible mechanisms to provide scientific support for exploitation of European space projects. They will then present the plan to national agencies and the EU, for consideration for implementation in future Framework Programmes. This work will include meetings and report drafting.

The Chairs of the Synergy in space-ground coordination Network activity are J-L Puget (IAS): and M Kessler(ESA):

For a PDF file copy of the N4 presentation to the OPTICON I3 Board meeting in Ghent 1 - 2 April 2004, click here:

N4: Synergy in space-ground coordination