Board Meeting #6, 10 - 11 November, Porto


Meeting minutes (PDF)

Reports and Presentations

The presentations and reports from the Board Meeting are available as PPT and PDF files:

Astrophotonics - J Allington-Smith (PPT)

Research Infrastructures: EC FP7 Perspective - M Carvalho-Dias (PPT)

Interferometry - D Mourard/A Chelli (PPT)

Smart Focal Planes - C Cunningham (PPT)

Key Technologies - C Cunningham (PPT)

The OPTICON I3 - J Davies (PPT)

Enhancement - M Dennefeld (PDF)

Fast CCDs for AO Status & Plans - P Feautrier (PDF)

FP7 Reporting requirements and costs (PPT)

Opticon FP6 status and FP7 status - G Gilmore (PPT)

Ultraviolet Astrophysics - A Gomez de Castro (PDF)

Future Astronomical Software Environments for data analysis and processing - P Grosbol (PDF)

The European ELT Science Case Development - I Hook (PPT)

From FP6 to FP7 JRA1: Adaptive Optics - N Hubin (PPT)

Technology development for high-time-resolution astronomy - Kanbach (PDF)

High Time Resolution Astrophysics Network - A Shearer (PPT)

Trans-national Access Programme - A Sosa (PPT)

European Association for Solar Telescopes (EAST) - O von der Luehe (DOC)

VPHGs - F Zerbi (PPT)