Other FP7 and related Projects

Research and Innovation Infrastructures: map of Research Infrastructures in Europe

The European Commission has been supporting access to effective research infrastructures for researchers all over Europe for more than a decade. It is now possible to see on an on-line map the location of about 800 research infrastructures that open their doors to all researchers in Europe.


ASTRONET is a consortium of all major funding agencies for European astronomy, supported by the EU as a "Coordination and support action" under the ERA-NET programme. Its aim is to establish a long-term strategic plan for all of European astronomy, at all electromagnetic wavelengths and particles, on the ground and in space. See the ASTRONET homepage here.


RadioNet is an EC integrating activity that brings together all the major radio observatories in Europe, covering the frequency range of 10 MHz to 1 THz. Visit their homepage here.


Square Kilometre Array, the international radiotelescope for the 21st century. Visit their homepage here.


ESO Future Facilities: the European Extremely Large Telescope. Visit their homepage here.