How to Claim Expenses or Seek Observing Support


As noted on our Travel page, travel must be pre-approved. An estimate of the cost of the trips is required when requesting the travel. An e-mail request and e-mail confirmation is sufficient at this stage.

Please read the Travel Rules page to determine if you will claim or your Institute invoice on your behalf. If the latter, please check with the Project Office if your Institute is already registered on our database otherwise it will take longer to register them as a new supplier.

1) You/your Institute contact the Project Office advising them of the amount of the claim. This may only be an estimate at this stage however we will raise a Purchase Order and set up the Institute as supplier on our system if required.

2) Once you/your Institute have been advised of the Purchase Order Number, when you are ready to make your claim you should

Accounts Payable - STFC

RCUK Shared Services Centre Ltd

Polaris House

North Star Avenue

Swindon SN2 1UH


NOTE: The invoice need only indicate the total amount requested and the reason for the trip (e.g. Dr X to Town Y on Dates Z-Z, to attend Meeting Q).


In the event of perceived difficulties with these options or if you have any questions, contact John Davies, Project Scientist, or Saskia Brierley, in the Project Office.