OPTICON FP7 (2013-2016) WP9 - Innovation

WP leader: Colin Cunningham (UK ATC, Edinburgh) and Local Manager: Phil Rees (UK ATC, Edinburgh)

Optical and Infrared Astronomy has both fed off new technologies coming from industry and acted as a stimulus for industrial innovation. An example of this ‘cycle of innovation’ is the adoption of infrared detectors developed for military applications for the first array-based IR cameras and spectrometers in the 1980’s. The strong push for higher performance in astronomical applications, particularly for wavefront sensing in adaptive optics, has recently stimulated Selex-Galileo to improve the performance of these detectors, thereby improving their competitiveness for other markets. Within the Opticon programme, there is an excellent example of the application of the OCAM high-speed camera, developed for adaptive optics, but now being evaluated for debris detection on airport runways.

The ‘Innovation Network’ will build on the success of the earlier Opticon Key Technology Network (KTN), but will extend the remit to include much more direct knowledge exchange with industry. The Innovation Network is coordinated by the UK ATC Innovations Group (STFC), which has many years experience of engaging with industry, both for economic and scientific benefit. It will access skills in similar organisations, such as ASTRON in the Netherlands and the IAC in Spain.

Our objectives are to facilitate this process, by:

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