Optical Infrared Coordination Network for Astronomy

Horizon 2020

OPTICON H2020 Meetings & Events

Please refer to the table below for H2020 Meetings and Events.

OPTICON H2020 Meetings & Events
Dates Activity Information/Agenda/Minutes
28 June-02 July 2021 EAS Annual Meeting 2021

Location: On-line
Information: Conference Website
Contact: eas2021@kuoni-congress.com

19-26 June 2021 Virtual OPTICON Archival School Using ESO and ALMA Data Location: On-line
Information: School Webpage
16 June Tailored Dispersing Elements for Astronomical Optical Spectrograph Workshop Location: On-line
Information: PDF Flyer [PDF/101 KB]
26-29 April 2021 Workshop on "The future of MOS technologies" as part of the Technology and Innovation WP, and in collaboration with CSIC.

Location: On-line
Information: Conference Website
Contact: Dr Rubén Sánchez-Janssen

31 March 2021 | 2-6pm GMT (3-7pm CET) An online workshop on the "MCIFU: The Multi-Core fiber-fed Integral-Field Unit spectrograph"

Location: On-line
Information: MCIFU Workshop Leaflet [PDF/255 KB]

Workshop Presentations (External link to Google Drive)

18-22 January 2020 11th OPTICON Gaia Science Alerts workshop
Event Recordings
View the recorded talks, via YouTube, at the links below:
Monday 18th
Tuesday 19th
Wednesday 20th
Thursday 21st
Friday 22nd

Location: On-line
Information: Workshop Website

5-9 October 2020 School: High-Angular Resolution Observations from the ground: the hitchhiker’s guide to the PSF Location: Observatoire Haute Provence
Information: School Website
Contact: Benoit Neichel
Postponed - date to be decided
16-25 September 2020 2nd OPTICON Instrumentation School Location: INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Brera, Milan, Italy
Information: Instrumentation School Website | Application Form
Contact: Heidi Korhonen
29 June - 3 July 2020 EWASS meeting (held virtually)

Recorded OPTICON and Radionet presentations on training and TNA can be found at the following link: EWASS Talks

22 June 2020, 11:00 (CEST) WP6 update telecon (zoom) (Closed Meeting)

Contact: Robert Harris

18 May WP7 progress meeting. Location: Converted to a zoom meeting hosted bt STFC
Information: Closed Technical Meeting
Contact: Andrea Bianco
6 May OPTICON Common TAC Meeting Location: Held via STFC hosted Zoom conference
20-24 April 2020 Conference - The Sharpest Eyes on the Sky - A 2020 vision for high angular resolution astronomy

Location: University of Exeter
Information: Conference Website
Contact: sharpesteyes2020@exeter.ac.uk

25 March 2020, 16:00 (CET) WP6 update telecon (zoom) (Closed Meeting)

Contact: Robert Harris

15 January 2020, 11:00 (CET) WP6 update telecon (zoom) (Closed Meeting)

Contact: Robert Harris

4 December 2019 WP1/10 Progress Meeting Location: Observatoire de Paris
Contact: Dr James Osborn
26 November 2019 Meeting with Radionet to discuss the H2020 pilot (Closed meeting, by invitation only.) Location: ESO, Garching
19-21 November 2019 WP5 Additive Manufacturing face to face meeting

Location: IAC, Tenerife.
Contact: Dr. Hermine Schnetler

30 October 2019 Meeting with Radionet to discuss the H2020 pilot (Closed meeting, by invitation only.) Location: Amsterdam
29 October 2019 Common TAC Meeting. (Closed meeting, by invitation only) Location: Amsterdam
28-30 October 2019 WaveFront Sensing and Control in the VLT/ELT era

Location: Florence, Italy

Info: WFS2019

27 September 2019, 14:00 (CEST) WP6 update telecon (zoom) (Closed Meeting)

Contact: Robert Harris

15-29 September 2019 2019 NEON Observing School and Hot Topic Conference Location: Sophia, Bulgaria
Information: NEON Observing School Details | Application Form | Hot Topics Conference
Contact: Heidi Korhonen
3 Julyl 2019, 11:00 (CEST) WP6 update telecon (zoom) (Closed Meeting)

Contact: Robert Harris

17-27 June 2019


Observational Astrophysics: from proposals to publication

Location: Stará Lesná, Slovak Republic
Information: School Details | Application Form
Contact: Heidi Korhonen
30-31 May 2019 Telescope Directors Meeting
Meeting Presentations
Location: ESO, Garching
Contact: Prof. G. Gilmore

20-22 May 2019 WP5 Progress meeting

Location:Konkoly Observatory, Budapest
Contact: Dr. Hermine Schnetler

29-30 April 2019 Common TAC meeting Location: Palermo, Italy
Contact: John Davies
29 April 2019, 10:00 (CEST) WP6 update telecon (zoom) (Closed Meeting)

Contact: Robert Harris

25 February 2019, 11:00 (CET) WP6 update telecon (zoom) (Closed Meeting)

Contact: Robert Harris

20 February 2019 WP7 Progress meeting Location: Milan, Italy.
Contact: Andrea Bianco
11-12 February 2019 WP1 and 10 (Adaptive Optics) Location: Florence, Italy.
Contact: Dr James Osborn
12 December 2018, 14:00 (CET) WP6 update telecon (zoom) (Closed Meeting)

Contact: Robert Harris

27-29 November 2018 AIM + FAME meetings Location: Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille (LAM), France
Contact: Dr Hermine Schnetler
5-6 November 2018 Board and Executive meetings
Meeting Presentations
Location: Heraklion, Crete
Contact: Gudrun Peabody
30 October 2018 Common TAC meeting Location: IAC, La Laguna, Tenerife
Contact: John Davies
17 October 2018 Mid-term review meeting
Read the report from this link: Review Report [PDF/125 KB]
Meeting Presentations
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Contact: Gudrun Peabody
8-10 October 2018 9th OPTICON Gaia Science Alerts Workshop Location: Vipava, Slovenia

Info: https://www.ast.cam.ac.uk/ioa/wikis/gsawgwiki/index.php/Workshop2018:main

4 October 2018 14:00 (CEST) WP6 update telecon (zoom) (Closed Meeting) Contact: Robert Harris
13 September 2018 (All Day) WP6 midpoint meeting (Closed Meeting)

Location: Edinburgh
Contact: Robert Harris

9-22 September 2018 NEON Observing School 2018

Location: Asiago, Italy
Info: http://www.astro-opticon.org/h2020/news.html#neon

Deadline for applications Friday April 6

9-14 July 2018 9th VLTI Summer School

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Info: http://www.european-interferometry.eu/training/2018-school

25 May 2018 FAME+ F2F Meeting (Closed Meeting)

Location: Leiden, NL

Contact: Michiel Rodenhuis

6-7 May 2018 Common TAC (Closed Meeting)

Location: Aarhus Denmark

Contact: John Davies

17-19 April 2018 WP5 Kick-off and progress meeting

Location: Eindhoven

Contact: Hermine Schnetler

19-23 March 2018 Week of AO workshops.

Location: Durham UK

Info: Workshop Week 2018

19-20 February 2018 OPTICON Executive and Strategy Meeting (closed meeting)

Location: Budapest (Konkoly)

Contact: Gudrun Peabody

13-14 December 2017 WP1 and WP10 Kick-off and progress meeting

Location: Paris

Contact: Gerard Rousset
James Osborn

6-8 December 2017 Gaia Science Alerts Workshop 2017 Location: Warsaw, Poland
Info: https://www.ast.cam.ac.uk/ioa/wikis/gsawgwiki/index.php/Workshop2017:main
November 2017 FAME WP4 F2F

Location: LAM, Marseilles

Contact: Michiel Rodenhuis

25 October 2017 WP14 Common TAC meeting (Closed Meeting)

Location: Konkoly Observatory, Budapest

Contact: John Davies

9-11 October 2017 Workshop on dispersing elements http://www.brera.inaf.it/DispersingElements2017/
2-3 October 2017 Hi-5 kickoff meeting

Location: University of Liège, Belgium
Info: http://www.biosignatures.ulg.ac.be/hi-5/index.html

3-17 September 2017 2017 NEON Observing School

Location: La Palma, Spain
Info: http://opticon-schools.nbi.ku.dk/observing-schools/neon2017/

3-12 July 2017 WP12 Instrumentation school Location: Copenhagen, Denmark.
Info: http://opticon-schools.nbi.ku.dk/other-schools/instrumentation-school/
26-30 June 2017 EWASS Prague http://eas.unige.ch/EWASS2017/program.jsp
22 May 2017 Astrophotonics KO meeting Bath, UK (closed meeting)
04 May 2017 WP14 Common TAC meeting UK ATC Edinburgh, UK (closed meeting)
John Davies
20-21 April 2017 WP5: Additive Astronomy Integrated-component Manufacturing (A2IM) Kick-off Meeting

Location: Royal Observatory, Edinburgh

Contact: Hermine Schnetler

10 March 2017 Wp8,11 2017 European Interferometry Initiative meeting ESO Garching
20-21 Feb 2017 WP4 FAME++ KO meeting Leiden, NL
Michiel Rodenhuis