Optical Infrared Coordination Network for Astronomy

Horizon 2020

OPTICON H2020 Joint Research Activities

These technology joint research activities intend to explore innovative new fundamental technologies or techniques underpinning the efficient and joint use of European astronomical facilities. They may involve, large industries and SMEs to promote innovation and knowledge sharing through the development of new technical solutions to improve the services provided by these infrastructures. In general the objectives and consortia for these workpackages are already defined, but many are open to informal collaboration via our networking activities

Joint Research Activities Work Packages
Work Package Number Work Package Title
WP1 JRA1 - Calibration and Test Tools for Adaptive-Optics E-ELT Instruments
WP2 JRA2 - Fast Detectors and Cameras for Laser Guide Stars
WP3 JRA3 - Emerging Fast Detectors
WP4 JRA4 - Unlocking The Potential of Freeform Optics for Astronomical Instrumentation
WP5 JRA5 - Additive Astronomy Integrated-component Manufacturing (A2IM)
WP6 JRA6 - Astrophotonics
WP7 JRA7 - Innovative Photosensitive Materials for Diffractive and Reflective Optical Elements
WP8 JRA8 - Next Generation Instrument Concepts for VLT Interferometry