Optical Infrared Coordination Network for Astronomy

Horizon 2020

OPTICON H2020 Network Activities

Networking plays two key roles within the OPTICON project. One one hand it serves to maximise the co-operation and knowledge transfer between our existing wide range of technological activities, on the another it seeks to engage with new communities, to diseminate knowledge between academia and industry and to provide opportunities to train the next generation of astronomers and technoloists. In the longer term work-package 15 is setting out a plan for a sustainable future for astronomy into the next decades. Most of these networks will hold open meetings to which all are welcome bring and exchange their ideas.

Network Work Packages
Work Package Number Work Package Title
WP10 NA1 - Adaptive Optics Networking
WP11 NA2 - VLTI Expertise Centres Network
WP12 NA3 - Enhancing Community Skills, Integrating Communities
WP13 NA4 - Time Domain Astronomy
WP14 NA5 - Technology & Innovation Network
WP15 NA6 - Strategic Planning