Meetings and Conferences 2004 to 2006

Historical OPTICON meetings are below. Click on them to see copies of the Agenda, Minutes, etc. For 2007 and 2008, please visit the 2007 meetings page.


Dates Activity Information/Agenda/Minutes
Completed 2006    
24 Feb 2006 Executive Committe meeting #5, Paris Meeting Minutes
9,10 March 2006 Network 4 Synergy meeting, Paris Contact: M Kessler (Space/ground Synergy) or J-l Puget (Test Facilites)
29 - 30 March 2006 Brainstorming on future of AO, Paris Contact: N Hubin
30 - 31 March 2006 AO-JRA1 General Meeting 3, Paris Contact: N Hubin, Agenda
27 April 2006 N4 meeting with Commission in Brussels Contact: Jean-Loup Puget
Spring 2006 Key technology Working Group, La Palma Contact: Callum Norrie at the UK ATC, Edinburgh
1 June 2006 NA2 Meeting, Freiburg  
6 - 7 June 2006 High Time Resolution Astrophysics Meeting, Galway Contact: Don Phelan. HTRA website for programme, etc, here.

Proceedings available. Follow this link for details on the HTRA publication.

22/23 June 2006 OPTICON in FP7, UK ATC, Royal Observatory, Edinburgh Contact: John Davies. This web page contains the details of the meeting. See also the Call for Letters of Interest to participate in FP7.
23 June 2006 Executive Committe meeting #6, UK ATC, Edinburgh Minutes
16/17 August 2006 IAU Joint Discussion in UV astronomy part organised by NUVA Contact: Ana-Ines Gomez de Castro
21 August 2006 European Session at the IAU in Prague


Dr JK Davies IAU presentation

25 Sept 2006 NA2 meeting, Tenerife  
27 Sept 2006 Telescope Directors Forum meeting, Tenerife Minutes
9 Oct 2006 Executive Committee Meeting #7, Thessaloniki, Greece Minutes
20 - 21 October 2006 N3.5 Key Technologies Network meeting on the use of the WHT Telescope on La Palma as a technology test bed for Adaptive Optics Systems.

The meeting will take place on the 20th October (including site visit) and the morning of the 21st October in La Palma.

Contact: Callum Norrie at the UK ATC, Edinburgh

20 - 21 October 2006 OPTICON Board Meeting #4, Heidelberg Minutes and FP7 proposal summary which accompanied minutes (PDF files)
6 - 7 November 2006 I3Net Science and Society Communications Workshop, London

PDF information sheet

For general details of I3Net see

27 Nov 06 - 1 Dec 06 Towards the European ELT, Marseille, France Website
11 - 12 December, 06 JRA1 General Meeting, Marseille, France Agenda to be advised. Specific topic suggestions to Norbert Hubin, Elise Vernet and Marc Ferrari. Accommodation details, site map, etc., available from: Anny Dansaut

Completed 2005

9 February OPTICON Executive Meeting #3, Zurich, Switzerland Meeting Minutes
14 - 15 February JRA-3 Meeting, Heidelberg, Germany Meeting Minutes
24 - 25 February N4 meeting on Space-Ground Synergy and Co-ordination of instrument test facilities, IAS, Orsay, France Contact Jean-Loup Puget and Martin Kessler
8 April JRA4/N5, Meeting of the Scientific Council of the Euro-Interferometry Initiative. To discuss the concept studies for the second generation of VLTI instruments.
12 -13 April ELT science case; cosmology WG meeting. ESO Garching.
11 - 16 May Project Scientist Visit to Rhozen Observatory, Bulgaria Meeting Summary
23 - 24 May N6.2 meeting on "Enhancement activities" and Neon kick-off meeting, Dipartimento di Astronomia, Padova University, Italy Contact: Michel Dennefeld. Website: Agenda and Details
1 June I3 co-ordinators meeting (by invitation only). Frankfurt, Germany. Contact: G Gilmore
23 - 24 June N3.6 Future Software Meeting Contact: P Grosbol. The Agenda is on the N3.6 twiki
27 June - 1 July N3.4 Euro VO Workshop, Munich Programme
7 - 8 July JRA1 General Meeting, Arcetri Observatory, Florence, Italy Agenda
4 - 7 July

JENAM 2005, Liege, Belgium.

6 July - Special EU session .

JENAM Presentations
6 - 7 July EU astronomy Day press conference. JIVE, Dwingeloo, Netherlands Press briefing "Astronomy looks into the future: the role of European Infrastructures"
25 - 29 July Instrumentation for ELT Workshop, Bavaria Website
31 August - 1 September Telescope directors review of access office. IAC, Tenerife. Contact: Michel Dennefeld
9 September European Interferometry Initiative Scientific Council, Praga, Czech Republic  
14 - 15 September Medium Telescope Working Group Meeting, Paris Minutes and Presentations
20 September Executive Committee Meeting #4, Leiden, Netherlands Minutes and Presentations
End September CoPhasing and fringe tracking for Interferometry working group (JRA4: WP1.2), Cambridge, UK JRA4 website.
20 October OPTICON Network N3.3 Meeting, Department of Experimental Physics, NUI, Galway Meeting Summary, Presentation - S Wagner
27 - 28 October OPTICON Board Meeting #3, Rome, Italy. Minutes and Presentations
14 - 18 November The Scientific Requirements for Extremely Large Telescopes, IAU Symposium 232, Cape Town, South Africa Website
17 - 18 November UV Network meeting on Instrumentation Contact: Ana Gomez de Castro
23 - 24 November N4 Synergy Network meeting. ESTEC, NL. Contact: M Kessler/ J-L Puget.
23 Nov agenda - Scientific support

24 Nov agenda - Test facilities
28 - 29 November JRA5 Smart Focal Planes Review Meeting, UK ATC, Edinburgh

Contact: Colin Cunningham


Completed 2004    
8 - 9 January Interferometry Working Group (JRA4), Nice  
22 - 23 January Medium Telescope Working Group, Tenerife Final meeting minutes
1 - 2 March JRA-1 kick-off meeting, Garching  
9 March JRA-2 kick-off meeting, Grenoble  
15-16 March JRA-3 kick-off meeting, Garching  
16-17 March JRA-5 kick-off meeting, ATC  
18-19 March JRA-6 kick-off meeting, Milan  
1 - 2 April OPTICON Board Meeting #1, Ghent, Belgium Minutes and Presentations
2 April OPTICON Executive Committe Meeting #1, Ghent, Belgium Minutes
17 May Joint ELT Science Meeting with the GSMT Science Working Group Click here for the Programme:

19-21 May Next Generation Infrastructures Meeting (ELT, ALMA, NGST, SKA, etc), 'Exploring the Cosmic Frontier: Astrophysical Instruments for the C21st', Berlin, Germany and Online presentations and proceedings preparation
23 - 27 August Science Case for Next Generation Optical/Infrared Interferometric Facilities (the post-VLT1 era) Click here for the Programme
13 - 17 September JENAM 2004 Conference JENAM 2004
16 - 17 September JRA1: AO - Milestone 1 meeting, Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Grenoble, France

21 September OPTICON Executive Meeting #2, Leiden, Netherlands Minutes
26 - 27 September Smart Focal Planes Meeting, Marseille, France LAM Hosts: Eric Prieto and Frederic Zamkotsian

Subject: Beam pickoff and beam steering.

21 - 24 September Network for Ultra-Violet Astrophysics (NUVA) Kick-off meeting, Madrid, Spain
1 October JRA2 Meeting, Marseille
11 - 12 October OPTICON Board meeting #2, Grenoble, France Minutes and Presentations, G Gilmore FP7 document
8 - 10 November ELT Science Workshop, Florence, Italy ELT Science Case website
17 - 18 November Telescope Directors Forum, Observatoire de Haute Provence, France Attendees list, Minutes
6 December Euro-VO DCA Board meeting, Salle du Batiment B, Paris Observatory Contact Francoise Genova